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Demo Videos

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  1. A causal test of face recognition in the FFA
  2. Brain-to-brain interface demonstration
  3. Providing a Sense of Touch through a Brain-Machine Interface
  4. Rat Brain Robot
  5. Neuralink Live Pig Demo by Elon Musk (2020) | Full Neuralink Demo in 7 minutes
  6. Ultracortex & OpenBCI GUI Demo by Conor Russomanno
  7. RoboRoach (beta) Surgery Instructions
  8. BCI Drone Control
  9. A high performance handwriting BCI
  10. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Demonstration
  11. Monkey MindPong
  12. Neuralink Monkey MindPong Deconstructed
  13. Lex Fridman wears the Kernel Flow brain-computer interface
  14. Miguel Nicolelis: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts
  15. Emotional Moment ~ Paraplegic Man In Robotic Suit Kicks Off World Cup 2014
  16. necomimi
  17. NIRSIT Demo Video - Squatting
  18. NIRSIT Demo Video - Hyperscanning (Gaming)
  19. NIRSIT Demo Video - Arithmetic Task
  20. EMOTIV x Rodrigo Hubner Mendes - Driving F1 car just by thinking
  21. Facephenes and Rainbows: Face and Color Processing in the Human Brain (1/2)
  22. Facephenes and Rainbows: Face and Color Processing in the Human Brain (2/2)
  23. Kernel Flux Technical Presentation - Photonics West 2021
  24. Assistive Robot Demo
  25. Nextmind Multiplayer Demo
  26. Second Life with BCI
  27. SSVEP Control of a Robotic Arm
  28. ET 65 by Wacker Neuson & g.tec at Ars Electronica Festival 2017
  29. BCI goes Twitter - writing tweets by the power of thoughts
  30. Brain-controlled Robotic Avatar based BCI | IEEE SMC
  31. Brain-controlled robotic hand based on ECoG
  32. Songbird Data
  33. TMS Rx Depression
  34. Mentalytics at CL:GO with challengermode
  35. The MindAffect Speller on Iphone
  36. MindAffect BCI: Brain Controlled Video Games
  37. The MindAffect Speller - Python
  38. "System2 brain responses in VR racing."
  39. OpenBCI Live Test - Data Stream from League of Legends Custom Game
  40. OpenBCI Live Test - Data Stream from League of Legends Custom Game - Frontal Lobe ONLY
  41. TMS Demo
  42. Navigated Brain Stimulation for presurgical mapping and tractography
  43. fNIRS during piano playing
  44. fNIRS hyperscanning - professional violinists
  45. Mensia Demo DSI 24
  46. Focus Demo 2
  47. Hippocampus slice on CMOS MEA
  48. Operator Fatigue Study - Catalano
  49. Soterix Medical Presents NIRSIT Demo Video (Driving Simulation)
  50. System 2 multimodal brain-machine interface driving sim
  51. fNIRS during Table Tennis / Ping Pong
  52. ThynkWare Typist - typing with your thoughts - a new brainwave system
  53. VIBRAINT RehUp: Transforming Thoughts into Motions
  54. Human brain cells in a dish learn to play Pong
  55. CoD Champ vs Millionare. Who's brain is better?
  56. When you play “Call of duty mobile” what happens in your mind?
  57. Cognitive load of driver in tele-operated driving
  58. EEG technology and Medical Device Testing
  59. How the mind reacts when watching a film
  60. Using BRAINWAVES to play Minecraft, Halo, and Call of Duty!
  61. Reading EEG brain signal from the Muse Device with Python
  62. Brain Computer Interface w/ Python and OpenBCI for EEG data
  63. Explorations and Testing Ideas - Brain Computer Interface w/ Python, OpenBCI, and EEG data p.2
  64. Getting Somewhere! - Brain Computer Interface w/ Python, OpenBCI, and EEG data p.3
  65. BrainAttach monitoring attention in games with eeg
  66. BrainAttach Scale of Emotions in Mindustry
  67. Brain Tracking the Borderlands
  68. Hippocampal place cells recorded in the Wilson lab at MIT
  69. Mind-controlled app on Android | Python | Tensorflow Lite
  70. Semse Planets prototype promo & gameplay
  71. Active Dentate Granule Cells During Enriched Environment