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eConnectome (Electrophysiological Connectome) is an open-source MATLAB software package for imaging brain functional connectivity from electrophysiological signals. It provides interactive graphical interfaces for EEG/ECoG/MEG preprocessing, source estimation, connectivity analysis and visualization. Connectivity from EEG/ECoG/MEG can be mapped over sensor and source domains.

This package is designed for use by researchers in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, clinical neurophysiology, neurology and other disciplines. The graphical interface-based platform requires little programming knowledge or experience with MATLAB.

eConnectome is developed by the Biomedical Functional Imaging and Neuroengineering Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, directed by Dr. Bin He. The visualization module is jointly developed with Drs. Fabio Babiloni and Laura Astolfi at the University of Rome