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Editor Guide

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Here's some info for contributing to the wiki.


Please ask on discord or email landon@bciwiki.org for an editor account, @bciwiki.org inbox setup, or discord roles.

MediaWiki Editing

Data Entry

Below are some tips for standardizing the layout of pages.

Any text copied from another source should be encapsulated in quotes

Quotes around copied text.png

Category assignments should always be at the top of the page content

Category assignments.png

External links should always be at the bottom of the page content

  • Website, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn links should be listed first for organizations

External links.png

Internal link sections should come before external links

  • Internal links (related organizations, software, hardware, etc.) can also be included in description text.

Software devtools hardware links.png Org links.png

Preferred Image format

  • [[File:imagename.png|thumb|Image Caption Text]]

Image format.png


How to get wiki, edit, and session tokens from chrome/firefox

  1. After logging in to your contributor account, begin editing any page
  2. Click the F12 key to open developer tools and navigate to the "Network" section
  3. Ensure "All" is selected on the request filters then clear the log
  4. Save the page then look in the network log for the first POST request with a url ending in &action=submit
  5. Select the request and navigate to the "cookies" tab on the right then copy the session and wiki tokens into whatever tool you're using
  6. Next navigate to the "Request" (firefox) or "Payload" (chrome) tab and copy the edit token