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BrainTrends ltd, is an applied neuroscience company specialized in Research on Demand and development of devices and virtual reality experiences for research projects and companies. We believe that neuroscience can help to improve existent technologies and new technological solutions of what is important for everyday life.

BrainTrends Company Profile

Founded in Italy around 2009, BrainTrends produces noninvasive hardware and developer tools.

BrainTrends makes tools for the assisted control of mechanical,electrical,and digital devices/applications, the objective measurement of subjective experiences through mind/body state interpretation and feedback through neurostimulation techniques.

BCI Categories: Open-Loop Efferent, Open-Loop Afferent

Neurosensing Technique(s): EEG, ECG, EMG

Neurostimulation Technique(s): TMS, tACS, tDCS



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