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Dreem is a sleep device that monitors, analyzes, and claims to enhance quality of sleep. It's a miniaturized and autonomous headband that monitors the quality of sleep and then uses sound to help fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up at the optimal time through smart alarm. Dreem is a headband that collects, reports data and also claims to enhance the user's behavior in real-time according to the data collected. The sensors include dry EEG electrodes, accelerometer and pulse oximeter. The five EEG electrodes include O1 and O2 electrodes in the occipital part of the head and Fpz, F7, and F8 on the forehead. These electrodes are meant to pick up EEG frequencies common in sleep, such as sleep spindles, slow waves, and k-complexes. This data is then used to attempt to determine if the wearer is in light sleep, deep sleep, or REM.

Dreem Company Profile

Founded in The United States around 2014, Dreem produces noninvasive hardware and end-user software.

Dreem makes tools for the objective measurement of subjective experiences through mind/body state interpretation.

BCI Categories: Open-Loop Efferent, Closed-Loop Efferent

Neurosensing Technique(s): EEG




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