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DuoMAG MP-Quad

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"The DuoMAG Quadropulse System (QPS) combines four DuoMAG MP stimulators to provide a fully configurable quadropulse TMS stimulator. This combination allows individual control of the amplitude of all stimulators as well as the capability of setting inter-stimulus interval (ISI) and delivering the defined quadropulse stimulation through a single coil. The quadropulse functionality allows users to deliver precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses which is a vital component when studying Inter- and Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation. The inter stimulus interval for the four pulses is adjustable either in the supplied control software or external control via TTL inputs, offering the ultimate flexibility in ISI control. DuoMAG QPS allows users to combine the two stimulator pulses into a single pulse providing a pulse amplitude that equates to 140% of a single DuoMAG MP output. The DuoMAG QPS can also be used with four separate coils to carryout interhemispheric (quadrolateral) stimulation."


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