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Why compromise signal quality for laptop portability? Nihon Kohden’s EEG-9100 works for you when and where you need it – off-site, in-hospital or at a physician’s office – with the same powerful performance as our EEG-1200. Our system offers a surprising amount of features in a small package and at a cost-conscious price. Recording capabilities include EEG, PSG, ICU, IOM and LTM for epilepsy.

Whatever your testing requirements, Nihon Kohden has the software. Simplify ICU/OR monitoring with the addition of cEEG Trending software that provides a variety of CSA and DSA capabilities plus automated notification at events of interest. Add the Nihon Kohden Polysmith® sleep analysis software for on-line staging and scoring capabilities, or include spike/seizure detection software for assistance in identifying epileptiform activity. Small package, powerful performance.