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Evoke Neuroscience

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"Millions of people with cognitive impairment can be helped if their condition can be objectively diagnosed and treated early enough to prevent or delay disease progression. That's why Evoke Neuroscience is committed to helping identify and reduce the number of people who are living with treatable cognitive impairment. As a leader in computational EEG, we developed the eVoxxc2xae Brain Health System to make understanding brain function and dysfunction as routine as taking blood pressure."

Evoke Neuroscience Company Profile

Founded in The United States around 2009, Evoke Neuroscience produces end-user software.

Evoke Neuroscience makes tools for medical diagnosis and treatment through body/mind state interpretation and/or neurostimulation therapies.

BCI Categories: Open-Loop Efferent

Neurosensing Technique(s): EEG


Evoke Neuroscience has 1 medical devices registered with the FDA. Here are some of them:

Examples of FDA Approved Devices ( View List)
Device ID Device Name Class Category PMA PMN
K171781 Full-Montage Standard Electroencephalograph 2 Neurology False True



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