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Healium VR App

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Beautiful, nature-based escapes powered by your imagination. Float through a crystal forest, feel a healing rain wash over you, or sit quietly in a field of sunflowers. Virtually travel to Mauii, listen to the rustle of a bamboo forest and the ocean waves lapping at your feet. Experience different colors of healing, trace a mandalynth, or glide through a breath-taking fractal. Use your feelings of focused calm to make the flurries fly inside a magic snow globe. Sit quietly inside a zen garden. Grow leaves on a 150-year-old Burr Oak tree with your memories of being still. Healium is a walk in the park for those times when you can't physically take a walk in the park. In four peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to improve mood in as little as four minutes. Connect an optional EEG meditation headband to make a firefly rise and fall with your feelings. Healium is a reminder that our thoughts have power to control things not only in the virtual world but the real world as well.



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