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Jali Medical

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"Jali Medical identifies leading neuroscience technologies and makes them available to researchers nationally, including providing equipment and scientific support. Established in 1991, Jali Medical is a company at the cutting edge of the emerging field of non-invasive brain stimulation. We are proud to be the US distributor for the best neuromodulation and wearable technologies available for research and clinical use."

Jali Medical Company Profile

Founded in The United States around 1991, Jali Medical produces neurotech consulting services.

Jali Medical makes tools for medical diagnosis and treatment through body/mind state interpretation and/or neurostimulation therapies.

BCI Categories: Open-Loop Efferent, Open-Loop Afferent

Neurosensing Technique(s): EEG, EMG

Neurostimulation Technique(s): TMS, tDCS


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