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MatNIC2 is a Matlab toolkit for real-time programmatic control of NIC2 functions and retrieval of EEG streams. This is a very convenient way to bring automation to EEG experiments for Matlab users. The MatNIC2-based application can be executed on the same machine as NIC2, or on any other machine in the same network.

MatNIC2 is offered in Free and Pro license. The Pro license additionally offers a possibility to set and adjust transcanial electric stimulation parameters in real time. This allows for convenient tES closed-loop and open-loop experiments driven by processed EEG or other physiological markers provided by your MatLab library.

MatNIC2 Free license is offered for free to Enobio® and Starstim® 32/20/8 customers. MatNIC2 Pro is offered to Starstim® 32/20/8 customers as an add-on.