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NEPy is a Python package. It allows you to integrate EEG data from your Enobio® and Starstim® experiments (e.g. binary NIC files like .nedf and plain text files like .easy) directly into your scripts developed in Python, a free and open-source language which has gained great popularity in the scientific community. With NEPy you can conveniently analyze your experiments with MNE (MEG+EEG Analysis & Visualization) open-source libraries or apply internally developed Python methods.

In addition to reading files, NEPy provides methods to check data quality and perform basic pre-processing pipelines.

NEPy is available under the open source MIT License, so it can be freely used and adjusted by all Enobio® and Starstim® customers. To obtain it, go to Neuroelectrics® GitHub repository or: "pip install nepy" in your console. On our GitHub page you will find additional demos and examples.