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"Building on 15 years of our experience in designing and creating the most cutting edge interaction – fusion between the brain and computer, brain-computer interface, in our project NeuraFutures we are touching upon implanting memories, reading your dreams while you sleep and communicating a thought between two different people throughout the continents.

We analyzed 450+ books, movies, TV shows to give our audience a better picture of what brain computer interfaces are and are not. From science to science fiction, from 1641’s brain in a jar to 2021’s Rick and Morty’s memory transfer helmet.

We explore together with our audience the multitude of scenarios, use cases, form-factors of some of the most futuristic systems imagined by humans over the past 500 years to establish how close we are to those systems and try to answer THAT VERY IMPORTANT question - if you really need to get that implant tomorrow.

Our world-class team has expertise to cover all main directions of the project and having experience in scientific work as a world-class expert in the domain, public speaking and demo interactions, fabrication of the props for the physical installation, digital media for visuals, web design and development for interactive website as well as designing installation space itself."


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