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Neurodata Without Borders

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"In mid 2014, The Kavli Foundation initiated Neurodata Without Borders, a consortium of researchers and foundations with a shared interest in breaking down the obstacles to data sharing."

"Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) is a data standard for neurophysiology, providing neuroscientists with a common standard to share, archive, use, and build common analysis tools for neurophysiology data. NWB is designed to store a variety of neurophysiology data, including data from intracellular and extracellular electrophysiology experiments, data from optical physiology experiments, and tracking and stimulus data. The project includes not only the NWB format, but also a broad range of software for data standardization and application programming interfaces (APIs) for reading and writing the data as well as high-value data sets that have been translated into the NWB data standard."


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