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Offline Sorter

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"NEW OFS v4 is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for viewing and classifying action potential waveforms (spikes) previously collected from single electrodes, stereotrodes and tetrodes. Version 4 is loaded with new sophisticated algorithms and functionality including the ability to analyze overlapping waveforms, perform signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) computations, apply high-cut filtering to continuous channels and exploit digital referencing. OFS version 4 is further packed with additional new functionality including but not limited to the ability to load multiple PL2™ files simultaneously; new L-Ratio and Isolation Distance sort quality metrics; support for Band and Line sorting methods; ability to name and manipulate Time Segments and save as NeuroExplorer® files; new scan modes including the ability to scan using different random initial seed clusters; support for multiple spike Sources; ability to display arbitrary combinations for continuous and spike data together for a channel in the Timeline View; the ability to use standard deviation or Median Absolute Deviation (MAD) to calculate fit or band fit tolerances and much more."