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Profusion Sleep Software

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Compumedics has designed the all new Profusion Sleep software suite to enhance the users experience.

The result is leading edge software offering ease of use without loss of function, flexibility without complexity, and more information than ever presented just the way you want.

But most of all Profusion Sleep software suite meets the need to increase efficiency in daily tasks as well as those less frequent, more obscure tasks that can hinder productivity.

The most important aspect of any digital sleep system may be the scoring software. Compumedics, in conjunction with sleep professionals worldwide, has developed Profusion Sleep software suite, a high-powered, comprehensive sleep analysis program.

Profusion Sleep software suite is designed to give you everything you need: Clarity, Power, Speed, Quality Assurance, and Great Reports.

This software will optimize your laboratory efficiency by improving scoring speed and providing clear, accurate results in exactly the report formats you need. And, because it is fully compatible with the complete Compumedics family of recorders/amplifiers, your sleep program can easily expand into new testing modalities…without having to learn new software or change your report formats.

Profusion Sleep Software suite offers true flexibility and control of data recording. Comprehensive analysis and reporting let’s you handle your data your way – efficiently.