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Brain-computer interface (BCI) Hardware

Product name, Manufacturer, Price, Invasiveness, Neurosensing techniques, neurostimulation techniques

Device Name Manufacturer Price Invasiveness Neurosensing Techniques Neurostimulation Techniques
Kernel Flow Kernel $37,200-$99,200 Noninvasive fNIRS
Ultracortex Mark IV EEG headset OpenBCI $400-$900 Noninvasive EEG
EMOTIV Insight EMOTIV $500 Noninvasive EEG
Muse 2 Headband Muse $295 Noninvasive EEG
Muse S Headband Muse $400 Noninvasive EEG
Neurosity Crown Neurosity $2100 Noninvasive EEG
Enten Neurable Noninvasive EEG
16-channels EEG Corflex Conscious Labs $3995 Noninvasive EEG
16-channels EEG SUPRA headphones Conscious Labs $4995 Noninvasive EEG
1x1 tDCS Device Soterix Medical Noninvasive tDCS
1×1 tES Clinical Trials Device Soterix Medical Noninvasive tES
1×1 tES Device Soterix Medical Noninvasive tES
4×1 HD-tDCS Device Soterix Medical Noninvasive tDCS
8-channels EEG SUPRA headphones Conscious Labs $2895 Noninvasive EEG
ActiCAP Brain Products GmbH Noninvasive EEG
ActiCHamp Plus Brain Products GmbH Noninvasive EEG
Activa Medtronic Invasive DBS
ActiveTwo AD-box BioSemi Noninvasive EEG
Air Bitbrain Noninvasive EEG
Aireeg Nihon Kohden Noninvasive EEG
Aladdin Headband Aladdin Noninvasive EEG
Alpha Trace EEG Alpha Trace Noninvasive EEG
Alpha Trace EMG Alpha Trace Noninvasive EMG
AMO+ AMO Lab Noninvasive EMF
Analogic CT system Analogic Noninvasive CT
Animal DCS Stimulator Soterix Medical Noninvasive tDCS, tES
Animal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) system Soterix Medical Noninvasive TMS
APEX TMSi Noninvasive EEG
Apollo TMS Therapy System MAG & More Noninvasive TMS
Arc MindRove $730 Noninvasive EEG
Arc Apollo+ Cadwell Industries Noninvasive EEG
Arc Essentia Cadwell Industries Noninvasive EEG
ARC EX Onward Noninvasive SCS
ARC IM Onward Invasive SCS
Arc Zenith Cadwell Industries Noninvasive EEG
MindRove armband MindRove Noninvasive EMG
AirRay Electrodes CorTec Invasive iEEG, EMG SCS, PNS, EBS, Microstimulation
Apollo II Neurophysiology System Bio-Signal Technologies Invasive iEEG
Apollo Neurophysiology System Bio-Signal Technologies Invasive iEEG
Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device Vagustim Noninvasive VNS
Axilum Robotics TMS-Cobot Axilum Robotics Noninvasive TMS
Axilum Robotics TMS-Robot Axilum Robotics Noninvasive TMS
Axorus Artificial Retina Axorus Invasive ONS
BE Micro EBNeuro Noninvasive EEG
BE Micro aEEG EBNeuro Noninvasive EEG
BE Plus LTM EBNeuro Noninvasive EEG
BE Plus PRO EBNeuro Noninvasive EEG
BioAmp v1.5 Upside Down Labs $20 Noninvasive EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG
Biohybrid Electrodes Neuroloom Invasive Microstimulation
Bionen Adhesive Electrodes Bionen Medical Devices Noninvasive EMG
Bionen Bridge Electrodes Bionen Medical Devices Noninvasive EEG
Bionen Disposable EEG Prewired Headcap Bionen Medical Devices Noninvasive EEG
Altius System Neuros Invasive PNS
Bionen EEG Prewired Headcaps Bionen Medical Devices Noninvasive EEG
Bionen Subdermal Electrodes Bionen Medical Devices Invasive EMG PNS
BioSemi Active-electrodes BioSemi €12-€76 Noninvasive EEG
BIOPAC fNIRS Education System BIOPAC Systems Noninvasive fNIRS
Biotactical Gameware BrainAttach Noninvasive EEG
Aaxon ND SceneRay Invasive DBS
Aaxon RND SceneRay Invasive DBS
BiStim2 Magstim Noninvasive TMS
BITalino (r)evolution Board Kit Plux €196,56 Noninvasive EEG, EMG, ECG
BITalino (r)evolution Plugged Kit Plux €217,36 Noninvasive EEG, EMG, ECG
BITalino Core Plux €67,60 Noninvasive EEG, EMG, ECG
Bittium BrainStatus Bittium Noninvasive EEG
Bittium Faros Bittium Noninvasive ECG
Bittium NeurOne Bittium Noninvasive EEG
BodyWave Freer Logic Noninvasive EMG
Bossdevice Sync2brain Noninvasive EEG TMS
3Brain Single Well HD-MEA 3Brain Invasive LFP
BioCAM DupleX 3Brain Invasive LFP
Ad-Tech Depth Electrodes Ad-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation Invasive iEEG Microstimulation
BioCAM X 3Brain Invasive LFP
AlphaRS Pro Alpha Omega Invasive LFP, EEG, EMG, ECG
Axonics Sacral Neuromodulation Systems Axonics Invasive PNS
Brain Interchange One CorTec Invasive iEEG Microstimulation, DBS
Brain Pacer Niraxx Noninvasive PBM
BRAIN QUICK Clinical EEG Micromed Noninvasive EEG
Brain Sensei Brain.space Noninvasive EEG
Brain4MEP Brain Science Tools Noninvasive EMG
BrainAmp Amplifier Brain Products GmbH Noninvasive EEG
Brainbit Neurofit Brainbit Noninvasive EEG
BRAINBOX Braintronics Noninvasive EEG
BrainCap Brain Products GmbH Noninvasive EEG
BrainCapture EEG Cap BrainCapture Noninvasive EEG
Braindee Omicron T Noninvasive tDCS
Brainfingers Headband Brainfingers Noninvasive EEG
BrainLink Lite Macrotellect $180 Noninvasive EEG
BrainLink Tune Macrotellect $200 Noninvasive EEG
BrainPaint Neurofeedback System BrainPaint Noninvasive EEG
BrainRobotics Hand BrainRobotics Noninvasive EMG
BrainScope BrainScope Noninvasive EEG
Brainsight NIRS Rogue Research Noninvasive fNIRS
Brainsight TMS Rogue Research Noninvasive TMS
BrainStation Neuroverse Noninvasive EEG
Brite devices Artinis Medical Systems Noninvasive fNIRS
BWIII Amplifier NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
AlphaDBS Newronika Invasive LFP DBS
ATHENA IRIS Biomedical Noninvasive, Invasive iEEG, EEG, EMG
Braintech Wireless Optogenetic System Newdoon Invasive Optogenetics
BWIII EEG NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
BWIII EEG Plus ICU Brain Monitor NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
BWMini NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
ATLAS Neuro Probes ATLAS Neuroengineering Invasive LFP Microstimulation
BWMini HST NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
BWMini PSG NeuroVirtual Noninvasive EEG
C2 NerveMonitor inomed Invasive EMG PNS
C2 Xplore inomed Noninvasive, Invasive iEEG, EEG, EMG
Cala Trio Cala Health Noninvasive TAPS
Cambridge NeuroTech Neural Probes Cambridge NeuroTech Invasive LFP Optogenetics
CapTrak Brain Products GmbH Noninvasive EEG
Caputron High-Precision Animal tDCS Device Caputron $750 Noninvasive tDCS
CardioBAN PLUX Biosignals €514,80 Noninvasive ECG
CEFALY Connected CEFALY $424 Noninvasive TNS
CEFALY Enhanced CEFALY $389 Noninvasive TNS
Cerca OPM-MEG Cerca Magnetics Noninvasive MEG
Cerebra Sleep System Cerebra Noninvasive EEG, EOG, ECG
CereCube NeuroXess Invasive LFP, iEEG
Ceribell EEG Headband Ceribell Noninvasive EEG
Ceribell EEG Recorder Ceribell Noninvasive EEG
Cerora Borealis Cerora Noninvasive EEG
CGX CAMP Compact Amplifier Cognionics Noninvasive EEG
CGX Dev Kit Cognionics Noninvasive EEG
CGX Mobile-128 Cognionics Noninvasive EEG
CGX Wireless StimTrigger Cognionics Noninvasive EEG
Circaid EEG Circadian Therapeutics Noninvasive EEG
ALA Scientific Instruments Light Stimulating Device ALA Scientific Instruments Invasive Optogenetics
BrainDancer ALA Scientific Instruments Noninvasive fMRI
CMOS-MEA5000-System Multi Channel Systems Invasive LFP Microstimulation
COGNISION System Cognision Noninvasive EEG
Cognixion ONE Cognixion Noninvasive EEG
Cogwear Headband Cogwear Noninvasive EEG

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